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Preschool Enrollment & Admissions  

Enrollment Procedures

A Parent or guardian who is interested in enrolling their child at Discovery Natural Learning Center is encouraged to review the website in its entirety ensuring that our philosophy is in line with what you believe is best for your family.  Make an appointment to tour the campus.



  1. Read our website in its entirety and completed the interest form. 

You will receive a reply to your interest request. Attached will be the handbook with additional details about the program. Once you have read and signed the agreement page, you will be prompted to set up an in-person tour of our facility and campus. 

2. Sign the policy agreement certificate found on the last page of this handbook.   

Once we receive your agreement we will give you a call to set up a tour. The agreement in no way holds you accountable for any fees or enrollment. The agreement is effective only after your child is fully enrolled.

3. Set a date and time for your tour.

This will be a great time to get a feeling for the program, and campus, and to ask additional questions. 


Tours typically last about an hour and are conducted by Kisha Reid, our head of school and co-teacher. Your child must attend the tour. 

4. If Discovery Natural feels like the right fit for your family complete and return the enrollment packet along with a $300 enrollment/materials fee.  *Enrollment packets will be distributed at your tour 


*The enrollment fee guarantees your spot and is non-refundable.

5. Turn in all State paperwork. 

All State-Paperwork listed below must be completed and returned to the program prior to your child being admitted for care

* See enrollment packet for forms 

  • Health Inventory (Part I --Parents)-annual

  • Health Inventory (Part II--physician)- annual

  • Immunization Form-annual

  • Lead Testing Certificate- (All)

  • Emergency Contact Information-annual update or as needed

  • Signed Parent Handbook acknowledging the policies and procedures  


Five Days : 1300   Three Days 828   Two Days 552 

Tuition is paid monthly prior to service. The initial payment is due prior to admission to care and paid via zelle 

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