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Nature Preschool 

 Our Nature Preschool is a unique mixed-age program designed for children three to five years old.

We know and research confirms that young children thrive in home-like settings and with ample experiences in nature. This knowledge has informed our intentional design of the Discovery Natural Learning Center and our Nature Preschool Program. 

Simply Living -Simply Learning 

Our Simply Living -Simply Learning motto stems from our deep trust in the natural development of each individual child. We value developmentally appropriate practice and offer a plethora of opportunities for learning and living through real-life hands-on experiences.  Our model values cyclical, in-context,  authentic experiences like learning to count by counting chicken eggs freshly hatched, exploring measurement while baking bread,  learning about the natural world by being immersed in it with permission to touch, discover, and explore; An introduction to letters, language, and literacy by reading from an abundant library, a culture of storytelling, singing, and theatrical reenactment. Learning about where food comes from by planting seeds, cultivating and nurturing them, watching them grow to harvest, and eating them. Discovering the cycles of life by raising butterflies and frogs from caterpillars and tadpoles and observing plant life grow, change, and drop to the soil only to regrow and flourish again.  

What is Nature Immersion? 

Discovery Natural Learning Center's Nature Immersion preschool is a place-based program that uses the environment as a tool for learning. Children enrolled in the program spend the large majority of their time outdoors learning through nature play and discovery. When children are exposed to the natural world their cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development is enhanced as well as their overall mental health and well-being.  

Hours & Monthly Tuition Rates 

Our Core program: 9:00-3:30 

Flow Extention: 8:30-9:00 & 3:30-4:00

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