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 Our Rhythms, Rituals, & Routines  

We believe that a natural daily rhythm will unfold as the group develops deepening connections.  We have used what we know about children to design a basic framework to structure our days.  Each day begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. Throughout the day, our students enjoy breakfast, lunch,  studio time, explorations in the children's garden, a daily hike, and both indoor and outdoor play. We also include songs and stories in our daily rhythm to help foster a sense of connection and community.

"It seems simple right? Just living together but for young children,

it is in the living that the most authentic learning takes place."


While spending our days together we will develop routines, traditions, and rituals that engage your child in deep meaningful experiences. Through storytelling, music & dance, art, nature exploration, and active learning your child will be fully immersed in whole child development.  


   As we navigate each day together we will build upon past knowledge co-constructing new and ever-developing understanding of the world around us. The experiences flow between Small, large, and individual groupings. This is not prescribed but instead propelled by the natural flow of interest.


This rhythm is organically formed by the children, educators, the environment.  

 We strive to maintain a nurturing and balanced daily rhythm that puts the needs and interests of the children at the center.


8:30-9:00 Flow In Arrival & Am Exploration

Our day starts with Arrival, where children trickle in between 8:30 am and 9:00 and are given a chance to settle into play in the  Courtyard or Children's Den. 


9:00-10:00 Morning Snack  

Morning Snack is open and available 

*Indoor outdoor access- Children have the option to flow between the children's Den and the Courtyard. ( seasonally) 


Transition to Outside 

We come together as a community to plan and prep before setting out on an adventure 

Songs, Stories, and other traditions are observed during this time. 

 Group Gathering & Nature Exploration 

 During this time we explore different parts of campus. We could visit the Children's garden, go to the lower or upper farms, hike down to home-base, or visit the ropes.  * Snack on the trail 

12:30  Lunch Time  

We share lunch in the Children's Den, outside in the Courtyard, or out on the land.

 Rest Time 

After a morning of rigorous play and nature exploration, Those who need to are offered space and time to rest.  

Indoor/Outdoor Exploration 

 During exploration, children are exposed to open-ended play opportunities that encourage mathematical, scientific, imaginative, and collaborative play/learning.  Children experience storytime, movement, music, art, and constructivist-based play ALL DAY!  Language, Literacy, Math, and Science are woven into all aspects of our day as we know and research supports the fact that children learn by doing and playing. Our rich environment is ripe with authentic opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. 

3:00-3:30 Pick Up 


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